Family and Marital Counseling in Birmingham AL

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What is Birmingham Family Counseling?

Family counseling in Birmingham helps families communicate more effectively, increase connection and establish healthy family dynamics. In addition, in family counseling, you learn how to address conflicts, changes, and challenges respectfully. At its core, family counseling is a service that focuses on the inner workings of your family structure and how you relate to one another. 

For example, your child might be entering new stages of life and having some difficulties. Perhaps you are struggling because your usual parenting style isn’t having the same results on what may seem like an entirely new child. If you have recently divorced, have a new child, lost a loved one, or even have a new blended family, therapy can help you navigate it all while keeping your family intact and full of love.

Birmingham Family Counseling Can Help Improve Your Family’s Communication, Cooperation, and Connection

At Exceeding Contentment Behavorial Health Inc., we know that every person has a different way of understanding the world, responding to stressors, and trying to problem solve and relate. That’s why our team of professional therapists is trained in therapy techniques to help each individual and each individual family find solutions and strategies that work for them. In family counseling sessions, you and your family members can develop skills for healthy family communication and learn how to interact in supportive, productive ways.

The interaction between family members is also important. It can seem like one person or one issue is the primary source of familial conflict (identified patient). In truth, families work as a system.

The most obvious problem is likely an indicator of a deeper misalignment in communication styles, wants, and needs. Even if you know that one family member is struggling more than others, ECB Health family therapists can help you understand that no person is the problem – instead, the problem is the problem.

No matter what the “problem” may be, together, you and your family members will learn how to stop assigning blame and start discovering solutions that create a nurturing home environment for everyone. In therapy sessions at Exceeding Contentment Behavorial Health, Inc., family members learn how their reactions lead to different responses and reactions in others.

Benefits of Coming to Exceeding Contentment Behavioral Health Inc.

Exceeding Contentment Behavioral Health’s marriage and family therapists are trained to assess your unique family situation and build skills to improve your family relationships. Contact us today and take the next step towards healthy living and an improved family situation.

Chat With An Expert.

We’re dedicated to providing relief for our clients, but more importantly we provide counseling that goes to the root to create lasting positive change. Just like the most resilient trees have strong roots, the most resilient people have healthy root beliefs, inner stories, and resources that help them stand tall through any storm. You have strong places inside of you already. Our therapists help you harness those resources for resilience, growth, and deep self-acceptance.

We’ll help you identify and overcome patterns/beliefs that aren’t serving you so that you can:

  • create strong relationships with friends, family, co-workers and your partner,
  • experience relief from anxiety, worry, or depression
  • overcome the impact of trauma
  • recover from addiction
  • experience emotional growth and transformation,
  • and live your whole life with more ease, confidence, and courage.

Why Choose Us


Experienced Therapists

Each counselor has an area of specialization from which they practice. There are many reasons for this, but the most important reason is that when you work with a therapist who specializes, you receive a higher quality of care, quicker results, and someone who understands your unique issues. Having a good fit is important. When you give us a call, we will find out about your needs and match you with the therapist(s) who specialize in your area of concern. We sincerely care about your well-being and want the process to be easy for you.


Therapy Tailored to You

When you call our office, we will help you find a match with the therapist who is best suited to your needs and therapeutic goals. Our goal is to ensure that you are not only matched with a specialist, but also with someone who’s style and treatment approach fits with your needs. Research shows that counseling works when clients are matched with the right-fit therapist.

We Accept Most Major Insurances and EAP providers.

We provide a sliding scale.

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