Birmingham’s ALC Supervision and Internship Program

Exceeding Contentment Behavioral Health, Inc. offers affordable supervision for Associate Licensed Counselors. We also offer internships for college students that qualify. We take pride in giving back to the community and helping produce empathetic and competent therapist.

Internship provides an opportunity for students to perform all the activities that the regular employee staff members are expected to perform. The internship requires a minimum of six hundred (600) clock hours, to include:

According to the Alabama Board of Counseling, during an individual’s coursework in their Master’s Level program must have the following:

  • Total of one hundred (100) clock hours.
  • Minimum of forty (40) clock hours must be direct service work with clients that are appropriate to the emphasis of the program.
  • Minimum of one (1) clock hour per week of individual supervision by program faculty.
  • Minimum of one and a half (1 ½) clock hours per week of group supervision.
  • Minimum of two hundred and forty (240) hours of direct service work with clients appropriate to the program emphasis.
  • Minimum of two and a half (2 ½) hours per week of supervision
  • At least one (1) hour per week of individual supervision.

According to the Alabama Board of Counseling, one has to secure a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and develop a Plan of Supervision as a part of the process to become an Associate License Counselor. Exceeding Contentment Behavioral Health have qualified supervisors to help individuals desiring to become Associate License Counselors.

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