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Exceeding Contentment Behavioral Health and Our Mission

“Here to help, not to judge,” is the mission of Exceeding Contentment Behavioral Health. Founder, Artica Jenkins has a vision for the life of herself and the lives of all that are connected to her. Artica believes not only are you able to get the things you need, but you can obtain more than you ever could imagine if you believe. After the loss of her parents, only 10-months apart, and the need to support her daughter, Artica did not give up on her dreams. With faith, hard work, and a small support system, her dreams manifest. As a result, all Exceeding Contentment Behavioral Health’s clients are not treated like another number, but treated like a member of the family.

We help our clients by working as a team, offering a qualified staff of therapist, case managers, social workers, and administrative assistants. We accept most major insurances and EAP providers including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Allkids, United Health Care, Cigna, Optum, Magellan, Behavioral Health Systems, Medicaid, and many more

Meet Exceeding Contentment Behavioral Health’s Owner

Artica Jenkins, LPC-S

Artica Jenkins, LPC-S

Artica Jenkins is a Licensed Professional Counselor and native of Fairfield, Alabama. Artica has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Alabama’s historic, Talladega College, and a Master of Science in Counseling from Faulkner University. She is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S). For most of her 15+ year career, she has spent working with youth and their families. She also has a specialty in Employee Assistance, and Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Anger Management, and Grief.  Artica also assists those with Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Disorders, and Development Disorders.

Ms. Jenkins uses different therapeutic techniques but specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She takes pride in being able to assist individuals by meeting them where they are in their journey of life.

Chat With An Expert.

We’re dedicated to providing relief for our clients, but more importantly we provide counseling that goes to the root to create lasting positive change. Just like the most resilient trees have strong roots, the most resilient people have healthy root beliefs, inner stories, and resources that help them stand tall through any storm. You have strong places inside of you already. Our therapists help you harness those resources for resilience, growth, and deep self-acceptance.

We’ll help you identify and overcome patterns/beliefs that aren’t serving you so that you can:

  • create strong relationships with friends, family, co-workers and your partner,
  • experience relief from anxiety, worry, or depression
  • overcome the impact of trauma
  • recover from addiction
  • experience emotional growth and transformation,
  • and live your whole life with more ease, confidence, and courage.

Why Choose Us


Experienced Therapists

Each counselor has an area of specialization from which they practice. There are many reasons for this, but the most important reason is that when you work with a therapist who specializes, you receive a higher quality of care, quicker results, and someone who understands your unique issues. Having a good fit is important. When you give us a call, we will find out about your needs and match you with the therapist(s) who specialize in your area of concern. We sincerely care about your well-being and want the process to be easy for you.


Therapy Tailored to You

When you call our office, we will help you find a match with the therapist who is best suited to your needs and therapeutic goals. Our goal is to ensure that you are not only matched with a specialist, but also with someone who’s style and treatment approach fits with your needs. Research shows that counseling works when clients are matched with the right-fit therapist.

We Accept Most Major Insurances and EAP providers.

We provide a sliding scale.

Insurance Accepted - Blue Cross and Blue Shied of AL - Exceeding Contenment Behavioral Health Inc.
Insurance Accepted - United Healthcare of AL - Exceeding Contenment Behavioral Health Inc.
Insurance Accepted - Cigna AL - Exceeding Contenment Behavioral Health Inc.
Insurance Accepted - ALL Kids Alabama - Exceeding Contenment Behavioral Health Inc.
Insurance Accepted - Medicaid of Alabama - Exceeding Contenment Behavioral Health Inc.