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The Boundary Is You


The Boundary Is You: A guide to creating boundaries in your relationships by loving yourself more

As seen in the New York Times International Edition, USA Today, and featured on iHeartRadio, internationally acclaimed bestselling author Chany Rosengarten gives us the next Brené Brown-esque easy-to-read, self-help book, to give you boundaries in a fast and simple way. The Boundary Is You will teach you how to create boundaries by becoming the boundary yourself. If you’ve tried making boundaries with others, you already know the process is painful, difficult, or impossible. Making boundaries leaves you in the vulnerable position of either needing to fight hard for your rights to establish boundaries or be trampled. If the people you need to make boundaries with were the most accommodating people, chances are you wouldn’t need to make boundaries with them at all. But there’s a better way. If you are ready to establish boundaries, and you want to do it in an easy, pain-free way, this book is for you. If you are ready for relationships that respect and support you, this book will be your guide.

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